Sound is a Guernsey charity created to give the island’s young people the opportunity to enjoy and play live music.

SOUND Guernsey started out in November 2015 with the idea of providing young people aged 11-17 with a safe environment to enjoy live music. The first live music night happened at The Venue, and has continued on a monthly basis since then. The events moved to the Fermain Tavern before landing here at St James earlier this year. The SOUND nights usually have a couple of young bands supporting the headline acts.
Music brings people together, and at the SOUND nights, just that was happening. The young musicians were chatting to the older band members, asking questions and getting advice and very soon SOUND ran it’s first Stage Craft session. This project evolved to regular mentor sessions, each with a different emphasis. Older, more experienced members of local bands would get together with young bands and musicians and pass on their knowledge, write songs, help with technical bits. We’ve had sessions with sound men and sessions on band image. Always ending up in a jam session.
In 2017 SOUND gave out its first recording grant to <track not found>, a young band that has since had success locally and on their UK tour, and have now been signed to Funnel Music. A further recording fund followed for Kiya Ashton, and two more young bands are working on their own material right now and will be recording their EPs in in the near future.
SOUND has now found its place in Guernsey’s music scene, working with local bands of all ages and providing performance opportunities for them at both local festivals, The Vale Earth Fair and Chaos Festival. The SOUND nights are still happening and local youngsters are involved in the running, programming and organising of the events.
SOUND has been lucky enough to be given a home for both live music nights and mentor sessions at Guernsey’s biggest events venue, St James. SOUND also receives financial support from the Guernsey Arts Commission, making it possible to offer all SOUND activities free of charge and offering deserving young bands the recording grant.
In 2019 SOUND ran the Chaos Battle of the Bands for the third year with 8 young bands competing, which just shows the appetite of Guernsey’s youngsters to be involved, make music and have fun. All this adds to Guernsey’s already healthy music scene and creates a friendly and inclusive environment.
If you would like to know more, would like to get involved or know a young person who wants to get into music but isn’t quite sure how, please get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or


All SOUND music nights are only accessible for people aged between 11 and 17 years of age. SOUND provides a door/security person to keep an eye on things, and it is Jon and Anni who run the door and stage.

The bar serves non-alcoholic drinks only on SOUND nights, at special discounted prices, tap water is always free of charge.

Parents are welcome to leave their phone numbers with Anni on the door or let her know if their child is leaving earlier. Kids can ask to phone their parents free of charge, if they feel they need to.

Get In Touch

If you like to get involved in any way, we would love to hear from you.

Email or call Jon on 07781 444469.