Sound is a Guernsey charity created to give the island’s young people the opportunity to enjoy and play live music.

SOUND Guernsey was launched in November 2015 by husband and wife team Jon and Anni Bisson, after realising there were very limited opportunities for young people under the age of 18 to enjoy live music.

Starting out with monthly live music nights at The Venue, SOUND moved across the road to the Fermain Tavern in July 2016. In the last 18 months SOUND has developed into not only putting on live music nights, but also creating an environment for young bands to play on a regular basis. Most SOUND nights now features at least two young bands and two established adult bands.

In 2017 Sound partnered up with Chaos Festival and Vale Earth Fair, the two largest local festivals, to offer the young people both the chance to safely attend a festival, but also for those in bands, to play on a big stage to a larger audience.

In addition to the live music events, Sound also offer various other free initiatives to help the bands develop. These include mentor sessions run by experienced local musicians, grants to pay for recording, equipment support, education in PR and management, and assistance with organising performances away from Sound.

Sound’s two goals are to give the young people a safe place to come and experience the fun that is live music, and to give the island’s younger bands the chance to play on a regular basis so they will gain in confidence, develop their stage skills and become an active part in the island’s thriving local music scene.

Sound has the most amazing support from the established local music community, bands, venues, press and promoters.


All SOUND music nights are only accessible for people aged between 11 and 17 years of age. SOUND provides a door/security person to keep an eye on things, and it is Jon and Anni who run the door and stage.

Attending kids can access the terrace at the Fermain Tavern, which is fenced off from the public bar’s terrace on SOUND nights. Kids are not allowed access to the car park. If they chose to leave, they are not allowed re-entry to SOUND. This is to discourage large crowds hanging around in the car park.

The bar in the Fermain Tavern serves non-alcoholic drinks only on SOUND nights, at special discounted prices, tap water is always free of charge.

Parents are welcome to leave their phone numbers with Anni on the door or let her know if their child is leaving earlier. Everyone is free to go at the publicised end time of the event. Kids can ask to phone their parents free of charge, if they feel they need to.

Get In Touch

If you like to get involved in any way, we would love to hear from you.

Email or call Jon on 07781 444469.