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We are an all-girls trio on the heavier side of music, with fuzzy riffs, driving drum rhythms and shouty vocals. Tom Girard of BBC introducing described us as combining ‘elements of grunge, riotgrrl and the kind of power-blues Jack White has made his name with’ (Thanks Tom!)
We are made up of Emma Thomas (drummer and vocalist), Grace Tayler (guitarist and vocalist) and Maisie Bisson (bassist and vocalist) and have been a band since early 2016 and gigging since late June of the same year. Having done almost 20 gigs this year has helped us develop a confident stage presence with a very distinct look of… colourful angst?
Our debut EP (released December 2017) is called ‘The Only Way is Lost’ and was recorded by Apocalypse Studios. We are very happy to announce that it has kazoo!