The VICE girls consist of a healthy dose of grit in our upbeat rock originals and alternative covers. We’ve been around since late 2016, and from there we have gone on to compete in two battle of the bands (winning the competition that took place at Chaos Festival in 2017) as well as partaking in various gigs in various locations around Guernsey throughout all of last year.
We took inspiration from the likes of My Chemical Romance with a pinch of Fall Out Boy and a hint of Pale Waves just to top us off.
Our goals were to a) make music that we would be interested in if we heard it on the radio today b) bring back girl power and c) create complete bops that would get our audiences moving – so far the experiments have been a success. To sum us up: we’re five girls with a shared interest in making music that is not too shabby but just shabby enough.