The Peace Tent Crew

The Dorey Room will be turned into a two-day happening by the Peace Tent crew. They have run the alternative stage and performance space at Chaos festival for the last decade. Over time their corner of the field has evolved into a mini festival in its own right. As always with these merry pranksters, be ready to expect the unexpected. A weekend of eclectic musical acts, art, DJs and games awaits you, with the added attraction of a bar. The chance to experience the Peace Tent’s anarchic sense of fun in St James is not to be missed!

Acoustic Stage in the Cafe

Upstairs, the Café is being taken over by some the island’s best acoustic musicians, giving you something to listen to whilst you have some food. That food is being cooked by the team that run the Thai restaurant Bao. They will be serving fantastic menu including Thai street food, burgers and of course, chips. Veggie and vegan options will be available.